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From Jasmin and Christoph (Switzerland) – Dolphin Watching November 2011

“Was an awesome day with Carolyn and Stefan – we really enjoyed seeing this beautiful dolphins that close and that long and the whole day was great fun with both of you!”

Piet and Olga, PADI Instructors – Diving with Sea Lions October 2011

” In October 2011 we had our vacation in Peru and as long as we both dive, we planned to spend one day diving with sea lions. We saw the flyer of Nature Expeditions in the lobby of our hotel, called to Stefan and scheduled our trip for the next day.

After a short boat ride we came to the rock in the sea covered with hundreds of sea lions, they were everywhere…We made two dives there, and there are no words to describe that feeling when you’re under water and there are lots of sea lions swimming centimeters away from you. That was fantastic! You just have to experience it!

And we’re really grateful to Stefan and Carolyn for making this day unforgettable.

As a special bonus we made some dolphin watching on the way back and that was a great ending for a great trip.

If you have one spare day in Lima – go diving with sea lions and Stefan and it will be one of the brightest moments in your vacation.”

2010 02 20 – Ana María Alfonso

Hello, I´m from Argentina and my English is not good, but I want to tell you that I and my daughter enjoy this trip very much. She has 10 years old and when I ask her about our holidays in Peru she always says that the watching of the dolphins was her favorite.

I can´t express the emotion that I and my child felt when we saw the dolphins – its magical – we were so excited…..

The entire trip is beautiful; we saw birds (sorry Stefan you taught us the names of all the birds that we saw but I don´t remember them), penguins, sea lions and the dolphins near us.

If you go to Lima make this trip, especially if you have children, my daughter says “I saw dolphins in freedom”. Thank you Nature Expedition for that day, and again sorry for my English . Gracias

2010 02 – Ian Wood, freelance photographer and writer based in Sussex, England:

My dolphin trip with Nature Expeditions was an incredible day. We saw large numbers of dolphins, sea lions and a variety of bird life at very close quarters and our guide Stefan was extremely knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to spend time with someone who is so passionate about protecting this habitat and I wish you good luck with your future projects.

(You can read more or contact Ian on his travel blog, ad. remark of Nature Expeditions)

2010 02 19 David Rousso

I did find my dolphin watching trip with Nature Expeditions very enjoyable. I was very very pleased to see dolphins so close to the boat that I could almost touch one. They are such playful creatures that it was so exciting to interact with them.

I was particularly very impressed with our guide Stefans knowledge of the marine life and specially about the natural behavior of the dolphins. His passion for the marine life and dolphins was also very pleasing and makes him an amazing guide as well.

I think that anyone who shares this interest and cares about dolphins and marine life would greatly benefit from taking this tour with Nature Expeditions. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the Nature Expeditions team for an excellent and enlightening experience.

2010 01 – Heidiann Wilhelm

We made a dolphin watching trip with Stefan last January. We started from Pucusana on a sunny day and were 5 hours on a Zodiac – we saw several groups of dolphins, many sea birds and seals, as well as a group of Humboldt penguins. The dolphins came to us and swam with the boat as if it was a game for them.

At Asia Island we witnessed how Stefan defends this protected area – when he saw people coming too close to the island with their kajaks, he explained to them the risks for the young, recently hatched pelicans on the island.

Stefan did not promise too much and he had an answer and patience to

all our questions. We were happy to learn in this trip that Peru is really a very good spot for dolphin watching. We would wish that Peru makes great effort to protect this sensitive ecosystem and that more Peruvians would learn about the natural treasures in front of their door! Thank you Stefan for this great trip and for your conservation efforts!



2010 Andreas Bramer

It was a great experience to dive with Stefan from Nature Expeditions in the Pacific Ocean.

The Peruvian sea is full of life. Many species of crabs, sea anemones, morays, kelp forest, sea lions and much more.

Being a biologist, Stefan could tell me a lot about the life and ecology of the Peruvian sea before and after the dives.

Even though I am just starting to dive and have less than 20 dives logged, I always felt very safe in his company. Because of his knowledge and his responsibility it is a great fun to dive with him.

With his environmental NGO Mundo Azul Stefan is active fort he conservation of the ocean and its species. I can fully recommend to go diving with Nature Expeditions.


2009 12 – Dr. Wolfgang Löhlein:

I was in Peru in December 2009. My flight back to Germany left at night, but I used the last hours before flying home for booking on a dolphin watching trip with Nature Expeditions. Already the first part of the boat ride, getting to the areas where the dolphins are, was amazing. Within half an hour only I could see South American sea lions, Humboldt penguins and an enormous number of marine birds like Inca terns, red-legged shags, sooty shearwaters, blue-footed boobies, Peruvian seaside cinclodes and the threatened Peruvian diving petrel. Then we encountered dusky dolphins in the open ocean and later on two groups of bottlenose dolphins near the beach, which came with their newborns riding the bow of our boat. It was simply an amazing experience. Apart of that I don’t know another place in the world where you get a money-back guarantee for dolphin watching. This comes with the knowledgeable guiding of Stefan all this you can do in a few hours starting from Lima. To be honest: Paracas – in comparison to the trips of Nature Expeditions – was not even half as impressive. My conclusion: Under no circumstances miss this one. If you have more questions about my experience you I am happy to help you out. Write me to


December 2009 – Dr. Wolfgang Löhlein:

In December 2009 I was diving with sea lions with Nature Expeditions and can very much recommend this trip. It’s a unique experience and so close to the megacity of Lima, where you would not hope encountering such a spectacular nature experience. And this additionally with very nice and knowledgeable guiding. For tourists there can not be better guide then Stefan, in order to get an idea of the ecology, nature conservation and the actual situation of the Peruvian sea. And everything is sustainable and with minimum environmental impact. To snorkel with the sea lions made me being a little nervous, but it was simply great. I liked very much that we could stay in the water till we decided to leave because we got cold and that we were not ordered to finish and leave. Paracas – in comparison to the trips of Nature Expeditions – was not even half as impressive. My conclusion: Under no circumstances miss this one. Every tourist in Peru has a left over day in Lima.


2009 Stijn Hendrikse 

“It was great to find Stefan on the internet to go diving in Peru.  Since the diving community is almost not developed in Peru it’s a treat to be able to go diving with one of the local marine biologists. He has an amount of experience and knowledge of the local sea life that is very rare with normal dive trip companies.  Given that he has been diving in Peru for over 10 years he knows all the spots and can really show you the special marine life.

We did 3 dives, of which one night dive, which were all spectacular. We saw many species that I’d never seen before and between dives we could enjoy an enormous amount of special birds, of which Stefan also knows almost everything. The icing on the cake where the sea lions that oversaw our diving activities and the dolphins that escorted us when we moored the boat in the harbor.

Visibility was better than I expected. At least 15-25 feet during the day dives and about 10 feet with the night dive.  If you want to dive in a new, different environment, with almost virgin dives pots that are only visited by the local scientist, you should definitely contact Nature Expeditions and consider diving in Peru.

The country has many other reasons to visit of course, like the food and the sunshine in Dec-April, but make sure you plan your visit to the Inca cities before diving, given these are in the Andes mountains.  Feel free to contact me on if you have more questions on my experience diving with Nature Expeditions.”
17 12 2008 – Christian Busch:

It was a great day at sea. I had Aldo as boat driver and Jean-Paul as guide. As I was the only client this day I could place all the questions and observe everything as long as I wanted. First we drove 60 kilometers southwards to Pucusana port where we boarded a zodiac-type boat with a fiberglass hull.

As it soon became clear the bottlenose dolphins loved our fast boat. They speeded around us and came very close to the small boat. It was simply great. First we met some dolphin pairs and later on a group of up to 20. Stefan and Jean-Paul are part of a dolphin research project. They identify each dolphin by natural marks on their fins. So far they took already 60,000 pictures and identified more than 1,000 dolphins (in 2008).

The bottlenose dolphins are enormous and most of us probably know them under the “scientific” term: Flipper. They are truly beautiful animals with interesting coloring of grey shades. On my picture you can see me completely covered by my rain jacket, wearing a hat, sunglasses and protecting my nose with tissue – I wanted to avoid sunburn under all circumstances. Seeing my pictures I now understand the look on Aldos’ face- I was looking like one of the penguins’ we met on the tour.

We also saw sea lions, which were looking at us curiously – as we looked at them. We also saw thousands of Pelicans, Guanay cormorants and red-legged shags. A very small and sweet bird was the Peruvian diving petrel, being a species threatened with extinction. Jean Paul had been trying hard to show me one and we got lucky, seeing six of them. I was very much fascinated by observing the cormorants flying parallel to the boat at the same height. It was a very exciting trip.