Conservation support

We believe in environmental and social sustainability being the single most important characteristic of a modern company.

Nature Expeditions is an ecotourism company. We implement the principles defined by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES):

  • Our travel packages are educational and we put a lot of emphasis in building environmental and cultural awareness and respect, as well as on raising sensitivity to host countries political, environmental, and social climate.
  • We aim to provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
  • We actively support conservation by cooperating with the conservation programs of the Peruvian NGO Mundo Azul. We provide direct financial benefits for conservation and we are launching our own conservation activities.
  • We provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.

Our travel packages and our Code of Conduct are designed to minimize environmental impact. Read more

We are the first Peruvian company offering our clients the opportunity for zero-footprint travel. This we do by reducing our environmental impact as far as possible and by offering our clients the opportunity to offset the remaining impact with a reforestation project restoring nature in degraded habitats. Read more and take part

How Nature Expeditions actively supports conservation

  • We are offering cost free transport for researchers from the Peruvian conservation NGO Mundo Azul on our boats in order to study and monitor dolphins and other marine wildlife.
  • Our naturalist guides are actively promoting environmental conservation.
  • We are promoting the work of the Peruvian NGO Mundo Azul on board and donations for their work can be given on board, if clients wish to.
  • Supporters of Mundo Azul receive special prices on all Nature Expeditions travels.
  • A percentage of the profit generated by selling Nature Expedition articles on board, in our offices or during our trips (hats, T-shirts, etc) are donated to Mundo Azul in order to finance environmental education campaigns in the local fishing ports we are based in.
  • Nature Expeditions develops its own local conservation initiatives like beach clean ups, etc.

If you have any suggestions or ideas how we could support nature conservation even more, please write us: click here


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