Encountering wildlife close-up is an experience one never forgets. It touches something deep within us, lying buried just below the surface of our busy and time-deprived lives.

When observing and closely interacting with wildlife, the very concept of time becomes meaningless. No work task has to be completed by four o’clock, no last minute shopping needs to be done. The only thing that counts is the moment.

Our goal at Nature Expeditions is to help you and your entire family experience that precious moment of pure existence, a blend of exhilaration, joy and mystery. That means taking you to the most amazing places in Peru in the safest and most professional way.

Your satisfaction, safety and well-being are our Prime Objective.

Our job is:           Making people happy!   

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Nature Expeditions was founded by Stefan Austermühle, an experienced conservationist, who has been traveling and exploring Peru’s biodiversity for more than 10 years and continues do so with a passion and Jose Galvan, who fell in love with diving and decided to make his hobby a profession and a way of life.

Nature Expeditions is an ecotourism company. Our Code of Conduct guarantees not only minimum environmental impact, but also ensures your experience contributes to supporting conservation, sustainable development and poverty alleviation in Peru.

Nature Expeditions staff is composed of experienced professionals in the field of biology, conservation and tourism. We love what we do, ensuring your experience will be filled with the most in-depth knowledge of endemic wildlife, ecology and, of course, Peruvian culture.

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality nature experience. Our boats are adapted to your special needs.

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Our job is to take you to the most amazing places in Peru in the safest and most professional way. Your safety and health is of primary importance for us. Therefore we will provide you with extensive information on all important health and security issues and have all possible emergency tools at hand at any time during your trip.

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